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We can transfer any audio from cassettes or vinyl to a digital format. We can also scan all your old photos & save them to disk.

Digtial Archiving & Transfers

We will transfer records or audio cassettes to a digital format

  • ~Full Record Transfers | $20 each (more than 10 records $15 each)
  • ~Full Cassette Transfers | $20 each (more than 10 cassettes $15 each)
  • ~Mix & Match tracks from variety of audio sources (up to 20 tracks) | $30
  • ~We can also transfer audio from DVD's or VIDEOTAPES | $50 per transfer

    Pick-up & delivery is available in the Louisville area for a $10 fee. Drop your project off to us at no charge.

    All projects are one copy cd archives for personal use. We can not make extra copies on copyrighted material. If you are archiving personal material we can make extra cd copies for $9.99

    Projects can be archived to a flash drive for no charge if you provide the drive or $19.99 if you need us to provide you with one.

We can also scan your old photos & save them to a digital format


Pictures (8x10 or smaller) scanned and archived to disk

  • ~$39.99 (50-100 photos)
  • ~$74.99 (101-250)
  • ~$99.99 (251-750)
  • ~$119.99 (751-1500)
  • ~(projects less than 50 are priced $1.00 per item)

Includes one DVD of archived photos. This DVD can be used to import the scanned photos into your favorite photo organizing program on your computer. Extra DVD's are $19.99 each. We will archive the scanned to a flash drive if you provide one or provide one with your order for $19.99 each.

Special Photo Services

DVD Slideshow:

  • ~$149.99 per project

This service will use approximately 200 of your favorite pictures to create a 30 minute DVD Slide show.

  • Will add your own music for an extra $49.99 if you provide a cd.
  • Extra DVD copies are $19.99 each

Pick-up & delivery available in Louisville area:

  • ~ $9.99 fee (our pick-up & delivery day is Friday)
  • ~Drop off your project to us for no charge. We are located in Germantown near Eastern Pkwy.

All price quotes are on a per project basis. Payment will be required at time of completion. Payment forms accepted include: cash, check, or PayPal.